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If you’re a lipstick loving Piscean, consider this. Eye Shape: upturned or almond.
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  • 02 /9 Lipsology: The skill of face reading.
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    It’s true! Each zodiac sign has a unique lip shape that can be used to identify them.

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    Libra (24 September-22 October) Libras’ have oval or heart-shaped face with dimpled cheeks, cleft chin and a beautiful.

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  • This vague answer may indicate that their emotions are boiling and simmering beneath the surface, ready to implode.
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    In your stomach lies your intuition and your desire to be compassionate for others, so it has to be in great shape.

  • Still, it may extend beneath the skin tissue.
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    "This deep berry red shade will make anyone want to pucker up to their sinfully delicious, beautiful pout.

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    Zodiac Signs Chart.